Certificate Of Origin

Jute Products Development & Export Promotion Council (JPDEPC) has been authorized to issue Non Preferential Certificates of Origin (CoO) by the Director General of Foreign Trade vide their public notice No. 42/2015-2020 dated 08.12.2021.

• These non-preferential CoOs only evidence origin of goods and do not bestow any right to preferential tariffs i.e. reduction in duties.

• In order to avail non preferential CoOs, the exporter has to apply (by choosing JPDEPC as the issuing agency) through the common portal of DGFT https://coo.dgft.gov.in

• The fee for each CoO is Rs.200/- plus GST which has to be paid online through the website https://coo.dgft.gov.in

• The procedures concerning issue of non-preferential CoO are as outlined in Para 2.108 of Handbook of Procedures.


Documents Required

All member exporters who require Certificate of Origin (CoO) (Non Preferential) have to apply through the aforesaid common portal as stated above with following documents:

1. Details of quantum/ origin of inputs/ consumables used in export product.

2. Scanned copy of original Invoice.

3. Scanned copy of Packing list

4. Fee of Rs.200/- plus GST @18% (Rs.36/-) = Rs.236/-per certificate to be paid through payment gateway in the DGFT portal.



Exporters have to be registered with the CoO website to avail the above certification services.

Please note the following :-
* Exporter must have the Digital Signature Certificate containing IEC available with them and install the DSC software in the computer.
* Must have Java installed.
* After installing java, Go to the program menu and search “configure java” and open.
* Open the browser and enter the URL as https://coo.dgft.gov.in/