About Jute Products

Indian Trade Clarification (ITC) Item Name Item Image
53101013, 63051030, 63051050 HESSIAN (or BURLAP): Hessian (or Burlap) is a plain woven fabric weighing 41/2 oz to 18 oz a yard (139.5 gm to 434.0 gm per meter) with a normal basic width of 40″ (101.6 cm). A wide range of hessian bags is manufactured to meet various packaging needs.
53101012, 63051020, 63051040 SACKING: Sacking is heavy, loosely-woven cloth, manufactured from Coarser yarn either plain or Twills, weighing from 12 oz to 24 oz a yard (372 gms to 744.1 gms a meter) of different width. Sacking bags are used as containers for packaging of various of commodities.
FOOD GRADE JUTE CLOTH/BAGs (using RBO II Technology and satisfying IJO98/01 Standard): Used for food packaging, this eco-friendly jute product keeps foods fresh by keeping them at normal temperature
53071010, 53071090, 53072000, 56071010 YARN : Made by interlocking Jute fibre, Yarn is mostly used in carpet industry which provides the carpet manufacturers to produce good quality of carpets at lower cost.
53101011 CARPET BACKING CLOTH:Carpet Backing Cloth is a special quality Broad-loom woven hessian weighing from 5.5 oz to 13.25 oz per yard (170.5 gms to 410.8 gms per meter) with the width range varying from 29″ to 111″ (73.8 cm to 281.9 cm) for Narrow Carpet Backing and 112″ to 200″ ( 284.5 cm to 508 cm) and above for wide Carpet Backing.
63019010 BLANKET: This hand woven soft texture jute product with sustainable properties adds colour in home decoration.
53101091, 53109010, 53109020, 53109091, 53109092, 53109093 DECORATIVE FABRICS : These fabrics are used in making cushion covers, curtains, bed sheets and many more for home furnishing.
57050031, 57050032, 57050039, 59049010 FLOOR COVERINGS : Made by jute fabrics, this product is mostly used in bedrooms and snugs because of its soft texture which is a pleasant feeling for the foot.
42022230 HAND & SHOPPING BAGS : These jute bags are not only fashionable and handy but also have the capacity of bearing loads.
56090030, 67029010, 58050020 HANDICRAFTS AND OTHER GIFT NOVELTY ITEMS : Used in home furnishing and giving presents, these products are famous for their eco-friendly nature available at affordable price.