Name Designation Contact No. Email
Shri Siddharth Lohariwal,
M/s ECO Jute Pvt. Ltd.
Chairman 9830955678 [email protected]
[email protected]
Shri Gopal Saraf,
M/s S.L. Packaging Pvt. Ltd.
Vice-Chairman 9339243754 [email protected]
Shri Vivek Agarwal,
M/s KTC Export Pvt. Ltd.
CoA Member 9903862178 [email protected]
Shri Manish Kajaria,
Green Earth International
CoA Member 9800026178 [email protected]
Shri Rajesh Kumar Khemka,
M/s R kumar & Co.
CoA Member 9830076551 [email protected]
Shri Sandeep Bhojgaria,
M/s OSB Overseas.
CoA Member 9831023466 [email protected]
Shri Ajay Buchasia,
M/s Amrit Impex Pvt. Ltd.
CoA Member 9830044531 [email protected]
Shri Pankaj Saraf,
M/s Gobind Ram Saraf
CoA Member – Co-opted 99830085577 [email protected]
Shri Sanjay Kumar Goel,
M/s Sunil Enterprise.
CoA Member – Co-opted 9830052386 [email protected]
Jute Commissioner
Ministry of Textiles
GOI Nominees [email protected]
Director (Fibre III /Jute)
Ministry of Textiles
New Delhi
GOI Nominees [email protected]
Executive Director (Ex.officio) GOI Nominees [email protected]